Singer Songwriter THE UNICRON Sean Strife

People Are Strange And the strange, estranged, disenfranchised, deranged and rearranged scream into the void. "Where are the beat poets, the gonzo journalists and the artistic revolutionary voices not afraid to be. ...DARE TO BE. ..different than the manufactured product of popular culture?

Where is the Lizard King of the 21st century? From inside the darkness we hear a voice screaming. The wild wicked wail of The Unicron. The graffiti profanity spraying out good sense, common sense and nonsense onto the walls most only half see every day. Look closer. ..much closer. ..close enough to blur the chaos into their individual components. Honesty Integrity Loyalty Tenacity. When you back up slowly and refocus on the image. It looks so much different.  Quote by:  Rose Marie of roGue musicZine